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Jan 26, 2009 COPDers must exercise to improve function+quality of life

Posted Jan 26 2009 3:45pm

ThisWEBSITE includes a large selection of exercise videos, starting off with one in a chair, anotherone is 14 minutes long about walking, plus more topics >

Photo is of the Huff ' n Puffs meeting tent ( for St. Joseph' s hospital Pulmonary Rehab group) each year they walk a 1K fund raiser walk around the Denver Mile High Invesco stadium. The first walk we did more than 100 patient' s participated.

Nowisn' t this interesting, Read in the Boston Blobe, where the Marathon is allowing "joggling" (walk & juggle) and a man pushing his toddler in a stroller, yet, Mike is not yet accepted to pull his supplemental oxygen tanks in a cart behind him. Re: the story a few days ago, scroll down to see it. Maybe letters will help change officials mind to allow him to walk, in view of these 2 allowed, one with a stroller -They told Mike NO, his cart "looked like" a stroller..

"Excludedpeople see the world through blood-colored glasses and it is our hope that this research can lead to a better understanding of why rejection causes aggression and what we can do to prevent such unwanted and harmful behavior,"

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