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Jan 23, 2009 convince Boston Marathon to let COPD with O2 carte walk the race

Posted Jan 23 2009 3:45pm
Subject: please read this plea
MIKE' s letter to do Boston Marathon.doc below his is my note.
Sent: Friday, January 23, 2009 2:30 PM
Subject:MIKE' s letter to do Boston Marathon.docFriends,
For those of you who know me I am generally a pretty low-keyed guy, but I' ve encountered an issue that I need your support on. I have made application to be an entrant in the 2009 Boston Marathon as a mobility impaired athlete. I have met all the qualifications (all participants must have a qualifying time from a Boston Marathon approved race. By completing the full marathon last April inOklahoma City, I attained the necessary qualifying time). The last remaining issue is the cart that I use to transport my oxygen.
They seem to believe that this is not a medically necessary device for me to participate. Generally, the mobility impaired group, consist of people that require some form of external apparatus (crutch or prosthesis, other than a wheel chair) to be a part of the race. Well the truth is, I am on oxygen 24/7, I do require high flow oxygen up to 15 lpm when I exercise and short of carrying the oxygen, I need some vehicle/device to transport the Caire High Flow tanks. (4 tanks and the cart weigh about 102 lbs. so I am pulling that in addition propelling me forward).
As we all know exercise is the single most important thing we can do to combat the effects of COPD. I don' t think I am necessarily the best person to be the poster boy for COPD and exercise, but I do think it imperative we get the message out, that IT IS possible to be a part of events that test our abilities. The message is not to walk a marathon, but to walk across the living room, once, then twice, then three times, until you can go a block, and then further, it takes time to build up endurance. But to be denied because my cart seems too much like a baby stroller (which they don' t allow) instead of a medically necessary piece of equipment to participate is unfair, and flies in the face of the one thing all try to over come; and that' s Shame. The last thing I or any of us needs to is to be shamed because of our conditions. Although smoking is the cause of COPD for many of us, we don' t deserve to have COPD any more than an over weight person deserves to have diabetes.
I am asking you to send the Boston Athletic Association an email atregistration@baa.orgor the person responsible for mobility impaired registration Barbara Sicuso atSicuso@baa.organd let them know your feelings on this.
Thanks,Mike McBride
Please please please, consider writing to help Mike,A long or short note,
just press home the idea that when one needs oxygen they can' t carry all they need on their hour or so, even in a cart for much beyond 12.1 miles let alone 26.2 miles. A cart is absolutely necessary!
Mike will have help getting refills along the way, but as you see in the picture, his cart that will carry a total of 4 tanks, (only 2 in this picture for a 5K. My baby stroller holds 4..
Arguments have to be presented for every race entered,
that this is a necessary piece of equipment in order to participate in an event.
"They" officials don' t understand and many voices may clarify the need...
thank you for helping in advance. Mike walk' s he doesn' t run, he is mod/severe COPD
If you would be so kind, as to forward this email on to yours or other doctors or respiratory therapists...any one who might say "let this man do what he can do with challenged/impaired lungs.thanks,Roxlyn G Cole,roxlyngcd@comcast.net
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