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Jan 21, 2009 Carrying your portable oxygen tank-O2 carriers

Posted Jan 22 2009 3:47pm

Slow start today...looking up, reading, learning trying to find something interesting. Hmmm, photo of my own design back pack. It is barely there, just a few straps and velcro. If you don' t want to make your own I have seen a reat variety of designs...all companies right here in Colorado. Well, if you are going to start moving about, take a walk... if you require supplemental oxygen, then you may need a carrier for your type oxygen tank. All of these accomodate the compressed gas oxygen cylindars, and some handle some of the liquid O2 tanks. You can even find a carrier for horseback riding, some colorful, some sedate. I have seen all three. Two I have tried and worn. I just made my own because I have this new not yet in production model of an upcoming CAIRE high flow constant flow liquid O2

EAGLE RESPIRATORY SOLUTIONS: an over the shoulder sling centered on the back for portable oxygen tanks


OXYGEN backpacks and bags by AIRLIFT

Exercise delayed until afternoon, but a lovely day at 70 degrees and no wind. I did the 3 mile walk counter clockwise today, placing the big hill first and a long upgrade with small steep hill at the end. It took me a minute and some longer, but using 10 liters today my sats stayed above 92% even on the hills, and I felt better. One takes advantage of these warm spells in winter...the cold with possible snow may return on friday. So! how was your day today? Did you get some moving done...5-10 or more minutes? one minute more than before? that is wonderful. Cheers around the world.

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