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Jan 16, 2009 COPD often joined with multiple health problems/co-morbidities

Posted Jan 16 2009 1:06pm

COPD often joined with multiple health problems/co-morbidities...just a few of them, fibromyalgia, arthritis & tendonitis addressed below, top that off with need to lose weight, ouch, this is an extremely difficult challenge, to be taken one day at a time.

One reason to keep moving & exercise is that in ' almost' every other problem/disease/ailment: doctors advise us to exercise-exercise-exercise. This does get extremely difficult when this includes pain and discomfort-or worse, no ability to stand. There are exercises for EVERY ability level from in bed to chair to later on formal exercise. The start is to just MOV E at your current ability level and build on that by adding a minute a day or even only 1 /week will equal 52 in a year list sites >

Scientists have found that the novel design of a deep muscle along the spinal column called the multifidus muscle may in fact be key to spinal support and a healthy back. I need to improve my posture this might help me, I slouch dreadfully- not good for maximum breathing. >>>

Tendonitis with fibromyalgia >>>

Fibromyalia syndrome

ARTHRITIS Foundation>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Foundation SLE information on fibromyalgia, arthritis & tendonitis>>>>

AskWebDoctor.coma collection medical websites on arthritis fibromyalgia. The Dr Advice directory to find the best offers and informational sites on arthritis fibromyalgia. not sure about this

Elderly may have higher blood pressure in cold weather Outdoor temps and blood pressure appear to be correlated in the elderly>>>>>

Systolic blood pressure, far more than diastolic blood pressure, identifies patients with hypertension >>>>>>><<<<<<<<<

Systolic blood pressure, the first or higher number in a blood-pressure reading, is the important factor in determining whether a person has hypertension.

Never Say DietChallenge,nl,promo

Heart Healthy Snacks|01-16-

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