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Jan 10, 2009 Starting your own pulmonary rehabilitation program

Posted Jan 11 2009 2:53pm
Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease >>>>>>>>>
Next here is a List of Exercise sites for every ability. It includes url to The Essentials of Pulmonary Rehab By Petty-Tiep-Burns and Mary Burns"Starting an exerise program". two HOW to' s, along with sites for different types of moving for every level of ability (starting in bed) should be helpful to anyone setting up a pulmonary rehabilitation program.
Get an oximeter under accessories) they have them for under $60.about $65. including shipping this includes a 2 year warranty. or a fancier model just over $100. I have both a NONIN which cost me $425 in 2003, and the oxyview @ $65. both work within 1% of each other and both stacked up well to the hospitals operating room big oximeter...all within 1%.... John Goodman RRT was there with me and checked them out.
or go the one that sells the most, the top notch (but expensive route) for a NONIN...super good, much nicer display but at a very dear price.
Oxyview, you can phone order 1-877-699-8439Having an oximeter is a must when monitoring your own program. it doesn' t hurt to have a blood pressure unit too. The wrist models (circa $50.)are snubbed by medical persons, but they give a close idea of what your pressure is doing up or down from your regular. Remember that pulse and BP rise during exercise is a normal physiological response. How high? ask doctor your cardiologist. When you do it yourself, you want to have good contact with your medical team -doctors or Respiratory Therapist' s, have them tell you safe ranges for your body.
Give yourself an instant health check:www.healthystylemag.comHAVE A HEALTH QUESTION? SUBMIT IT TO Dr. Liponis' VIDEO Q&A at >>>>>>>>
I have set up a chat site for folks with lung challenges. Your email address is not revealed, you can enter a ' nickname' , go to far one person visited this chat room, and left off their website which is interesting:
>>>>GATEWAY TO CHINA >>>> and leave a message or question.

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