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Jan 09, 2009 Understand how exercise works+ Respiratory Aid & Prosthetic Lung

Posted Jan 11 2009 2:53pm
Understand how exercise work - -How Exercise Works, As you begin to exercise, blood from organs is diverted to the muscles. Understand your body as it exerts���it is an interesting MUST read, in my opinion, I plan to print the 21 pgs.

Introduction to How Exercise Works,Your Body' s Response to Exercise, Exercise and ATP,

Exercise and the Phosphagen System, Exercise and the Glycogen-Lactic Acid System >>>> Exercise and Aerobic Respiration,What Happens When You Exercise,Muscles and Oxygen,Exercise and Increased Blood Flow,Exercising the Heart and Lungs,>>>>>>>>>>> Hemoglobin' s Role in Exercise,Exercise and Body Heat,Heat Stroke,Training Your Body,Exercise Factors,Resistance Training,Diet and Exercise,Cross Training, >>>>>>>>>>>>Train Where You' ll Exercise,More Information on Exercise,See all Exercise articles

Respiratory Aid and Prosthetic Lung:The first device to be deployed will be the external respiratory aid. >>>>picture above

I have skipped reporting my exercise the past few days: I did take one day off but walked several hours through stores food shopping etc and have been venturing into the world of cleaning house.. Tue was small weights and resistance for 30-40 minutes, Wed. stride on the elliptical 15 & exercycle 15���=30, Thursday again the elliptical for 30 minutes (watching TV helps divert attention from discomfort) then cooled down with 10 minutes on exercycle. My family room is my gym. Once you have learned through pulmonary rehab or self study, you can maintain on your own. It is good to keep in touch with your medical team when you have questions���but you CAN do it on your

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