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Is is lack of oxygen in my legs that causes my shortness of breath when I walk up steps (even one flight)? My legs and knees ac

Posted by sawizz

I have been given breathings tests and was told I have small airway breathing disease that did not need treatment - this was from previous smoking over 14 yrs ago.  I could not preform a thallium stress test by using the treadmill because my breathing was so bad that it showed cardiac changes so they had me sit and used medication to complete the stress test, my breathing still intensified but they said that was normal although I did not show cardiac changes by this means.  It's not only going up steps but also walking at a fast pace, working in the garden, or scrubbing a floor or being bent over making a bed.  Does this mean all I really need is exercise?  One doctor told me to join a gym.  I work and talk care of my home and have a grandchild, and I have an active life.
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