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Posted Mar 10 2012 1:06pm

Avid runner since 1979 logging 10 to 20 miles a week at 6 to 7 mph and fun running in many 6.2K events. In 2009 had a detached retina which required 3 surgeries to reattach but ultimately lost the vision in my right eye. AFter each of the 1st two surgeries upon release for activity by the doctor I resumed my running without incident. After the 3rd surgery that last 7 hrs under anesthisia I never could regain my norman breathing while running. Eventually in late 2010 by breathing became worse and I ended up in the ER where scarring in the bottom of both lungs was found. Diagnosed as IPF, from an unknown cause. Recently flared up again in Feb of 2012 and back to the ER, back on predisone to get it under control. Better now but looking for any alternative or new treatments I can pass along to my Pulmunary doc.

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