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I'm worried about what condition I may have developed after a persistent bout of bronchitis. Now under referral to consultant.

Posted by Rog P

 I had 2 courses a/biotics over several months for chronic bronchitis with deep chesty cough after 3wks in S.America at Christmas. Trip involved 7 flights and travelling around in tropics. Cough tired me out and left me in a low state. Now on daily ceretide inhaler with constant chest tightness, and I'm worried that I may have developed a non-reversible condition, but also could the symptoms be linked to anything I've picked up in S.America that is being missed? I'm 57 and have some susceptibility to bronchial complaints, but nothing like this that now limits my ability to enjoy exercise etc, and leaves me feeling very tired etc. I'm seeing a resp consultant soon, and want to be clear what I should ask.
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