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I know we’re not as cuddly as badgers, but people matter more – please sign Pat’s Petition…

Posted Oct 29 2012 11:27am

Why so few signatures on Pat’s Petition to “Stop and review the cuts to benefits and services which are falling disproportionately on disabled people, their carers and families”  – a mere 56,301 at the time of writing, which is pretty damn pitiful.

I suspect that most families, either parents or children, grandparents, or somewhere among their in-laws, cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, have at least one disabled person, maybe more, among their number. Yet a great many of them, maybe even a majority, don’t care overmuch about what’s happening – you only have to read the right-wing press – especially the comments sections – to see that.

Even the Guardian gets its share of doubters – not right-wing trolls, just normal people who don’t feel it can really be that bad, and would just as soon not know that it is.

But, of course, it is that bad because anyone can become too ill to work, or lose their jobs (especially the latter these days), at the drop of a hat, yet the idea that they might, while it’s beginning to sink in, is taking its own sweet time.

They are, in potentia, as screwed as the rest of us – they just haven’t realised it yet.

Wake up people – before it’s too late…

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