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How a COPD patient deals with the disease?

Posted Oct 15 2010 12:21pm

Some patients with COPD may feel embarrassed because of their disease. Then, they halt their life, avoiding doctors, conversations on symptoms, coughing, etc. The big question is: Why?

Diverse Feelings

The COPD patient is in fact diverse. Some tend to be dependent on others for coping with the disease. Some prefer to assume the condition as part of the smoking “habit”. Some other think and truly believe that there is no such condition with such weird acronym. Some are afraid and don’t want to deal with their fears.

With all of this being said, it is interesting how many of us forget the fact that behind a health condition is more than a patient. The is a human being with individual issues and feelings. These personal issues need to be taken into consideration, not only by health care givers, but by same patients.

Asking yourself?

Questions as: How I am confronting these symptoms?, Am I afraid?, Am I upset because I smoke(d)?, Do I understand what I have? … can help the patient to be clear about their personal conceptions on the disease and how they can affect the way they talk to doctors, feel the symptoms, help in the management of the disease, and so on.

It is relevant to do some introspection and assess the own sense of health when a disease has entered into the room to stay. Although it can be human attitude, being in denial, afraid, stubborn, upset might not help to get the best care, to breath easier, to exercise, to enjoy life. These attitudes could make the condition much more difficult to cope with and accelerate the speed of progression of it.

… So help your doctor

So … think about it again. How do you as a patient see your disease when the clinicians say that it is progressive and chronic but treatable? Are you helping in order to control what happens to you?

It’s not your fault, it is your current condition and, as such, you may prefer to take the lead and help in its management and earlier, the best.

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