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Homemade Lemonade, hot or cold, for respiratory wellbeing

Posted Mar 31 2011 3:34pm


Homemade Lemonade
You will need 6 small lemons, organic if you can get them.
One half cup of honey or so, the honey is an antibacterial and adds sweetness.
Cayenne pepper seeds, the seeds open up arteries and can help breathing.
One ginger ball, helps lungs open and also can help high blood pressure.

These are not medical official statements, but is herbal knowledge, not official.

About once every two weeks, I make a batch of this great cold or hot lemonade.

Take 6 lemons fresh from the store. Cut them in half and in half again.

If you will not be cooking them right away, put them into a container and freeze them until you are ready to cook them.

Pour about 16 ounces of pure water into a stainless steel or glass sauce pan on the stove.

Throw the cut up lemons into the water.
Also add one golf ball sized piece of fresh ginger root. Doesn’t have to be exactly that size.

Put the burner on high until the water comes to a rapid boil. Lid ON.

Turn the burner down low to simmer the lemons and water for 20 minutes, the lid is on…don’t let it boil, just slowly simmer.

(To simmer means to let the water boil very slowly. There are bubbles, but only like a couple per second or even less is fine in this case.)

After 20 minutes of simmering, add a dozen hot pepper seeds from an herb pack or any fresh hot pepper…it can be more or less, I just throw in a pinch cuz I can always dilute later.

Then, add about a half of a cup of honey. Stir thoroughly and let sit off the burner for a few minutes. This is to taste. The lemon water alone is undrinkable, put enough honey that you can drink it and have a
bit of sweetness. Honey is an antibacterial.

When cool enough to handle, strain the mixture before drinking. I use a ricer and squeeze the lemon rinds and get out every last bit. The rinds have something worth while I think.

At this point, I drink a little tiny bit as is. It is way too strong and hot, so don’t do it.

Pour one ounce and then let the lemonade cool and then add as much water as you need. I usually go for a one to five ratio, one being the lemon part and five being the distilled water part.
Doesn’t have to be distilled.

I then divide up the remaining lemonade into several small glass jars.
I keep one for the fridge, and freeze the others. Then I bring them out one by one as needed. I usually drink one glass a day…then skip a few days and then start again all year long.

This way I have about 8-10 glasses of cold lemonade or cup of hot lemonade whenever I want and they are fresh.

WARNING! BE careful not to make it too strong or get it on your teeth too much. I have never had
a problem, but You might if you’re trying to do too much with it. Just make it like a normal lemonade drink and then heat it up if you like hot lemonade. I guess you can add cinnamon or mint or be creative!

You can also add this mixture to roasted chicken recipes, soup, or other teas and juices.

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