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Have a question for Karen about COPD & Emphysema?

Posted by Sherry

I would like to know how to get ahold of either/both:

Ron Peterson

Tony Hamel

I have read articles and visited their sites and want to know how they are doing

My 78 year old mother is a copd patient and is trying to do as much exercise and walking as she can to stay strong. We are impressed with Ron's walking program and have also visited Tony's website. Are they both still doing okay? Ron's site has not been updated, nor Tony's that I can tell, for some time and I'm wondering if they are both still active in their advocacy roles, and hope they are doing well.

I have emailed Tony via his website just today. I cannot find an email link for Ron, but have emailed Prevention Video, his web site, and have gotten no response.

 Thank you so much for your help.

Sherry Venderley


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