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From EFFORTS’ Ann Lornie - EXERCISE for new-to-COPD patients and others who might be interested

Posted Jul 07 2010 3:36pm


<<< There’s no cure for COPD, and you can’t undo the damage to your
lungs. But COPD treatments can control symptoms, reduce your risk of
complications and exacerbations, and improve your ability to lead an active life.
<<< There is nothing like exercise when it comes to reducing anxiety.
In a study published this month by the University of Georgia, in the
Archives of Internal Medicine, 40 clinical trials were reviewed consisting of
nearly 3000 people with various chronic illnesses. In 90% of the studies,
people who exercised had fewer symptoms of nervousness, worry and
apprehension associated with chronic illness - in fact, they had 20% less anxiety
than those with chronic illnesses who did NOT exercise. >>>
If you are not exercising already, please consider it as there is no
doubt from all the testimony, that it lifts your spirits, energises you
physically and makes being a COPD patient more than bearable. Life can
actually be fun. Spooky thought, isn’t it? It is not necessary to be the
person that the rest of the family pity - be the one that surprises them,
inspires them, reminds them that you are nowhere near the exit stage. Move
back to centre stage and Puddle Dance your way to better health. OK, that’s
our version of River Dance but let’s give it our best shot. :)
If you don’t know where to start, begin with the tried and tested
exercise routines on the links below.
There are more than a few on EFFORTS who feel good and 90% of that reason
is we have done everything we can to make sure we feel that way. Even if
we have days when we feel like sole of shoe stuff, we still have the
satisfaction of knowing that we have done everything we can not to feel like
that all the time.
Please give it a shot. Everyone on EFFORTS matters to us, to their
family and to their friends. You are unique and you are loved.
Love - Ann in England - Vice President, EFFORTS

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