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Foreign aid or disability benefits – which comes first?

Posted Dec 06 2012 7:51pm

Should we be paying out billions on foreign aid, much of it lost to corruption and maladministration along the way, when we have a government that claims we don’t have enough money to support our own most vulnerable citizens – the chronically sick and disabled – and, instead, prefers to punish them for being chronically sick and disabled?

A commenter at the Guardian thinks we should, saying:-

Both this government and the Labour government before agree that it is our social responsibility as members of the human race to help the less fortunate peoples.

This was my reply:-

Fair enough – so let’s start by not driving our own sick and disabled citizens into penury, suicide, and deaths in their thousands as a result of Cameron’s and IDS’s punitive policies.

Being sick and disabled is not a fucking crime – but it’s being treated as if it is, and sufferers are being punished for it.

Sure, I agree, let’s by all means help less fortunate people – of which we have an ample supply right here at home who are being shown fuck all in the way of humanity, but instead are being demonised and penalised because of something over which they have no control.

Nobody wants to swap a well-paid job for poverty line benefits unless they’re forced to, as I was. In autumn 1985 I was mountain-walking in Austria – in autumn 1986 I was in a wheelchair, and still am.

That should not be a crime, but by IDS’s perverted standards – and Cameron’s – it is.

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