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Feb 13, 2009 Keep your body clean, wash wash wash

Posted Feb 13 2009 4:29pm

Keep your nose...and body clean...not like the dog using his tongue.

Hi everyone, take good care of yourselves, always alert to body changes...some small things can have seriously bad potential...

Wednesday I had a bright red bump on my neck, about lima bean size. It was different and located somewhat near my tto, not anything to do with that, but too close for my comfort. It came to a head, drained, that evening and yesterday morning. ���so I visited my doctor. An abcess/boil, maybeMRSA, he took a sample to be tested and put me on high powered antibiotics, which will be changed if it turns out NOT to be MYRSA. Yes, I sure hope it is not that. If you have somethingthat starts out looking almost like a spider bite, is very red-sensitive- it pays to take action, waiting can be disastrous. After I came home I slowly worked out on the elliptical for 40 minutes���I don' t have a fever, so am keeping on moving.

VIDEO of my ' Climbing for a cause raises more than $75,000.00' this was my first year to do the American Lung Association Stair climb. When it shows the "cash register shaped building���see next to it the taller REPUBLIC building which we will climb this year. You will see along with me, Marilyn, Holly And Mike McBride all of us carrying our O2 on our backs.> This year we have 13 team members, some of them need to earn the minimum donation of $53. to be allowed to start. Even medical pros have joined us, and the Rep' from Caire manufacture of oxygen equipments���what a support team for lung challenged folks like you and me. A couple of bucks to the COPDer' s + team could add up to help us do it, thanks for considering it, or just click << Clicking This will show you visited and looked at our page���the visitor numbers alone will be a show of support that you care. Thanks so

Everything on BOILS-

What does a MYRSA infection look like? >

a popular class of anti-inflammatory inhalers significantly increases the risk of pneumonia in patients withChronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This may not apply to you, ask your doctor >

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