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Doctors putting me at risk again . . .

Posted Jun 13 2013 7:06pm

For those who missed earlier posts, I have bilateral Lymphoedema of the legs, caused by my heart problems, and which is seriously infected (called Cellulitis, the infectious organism is either a Staphylococcal or Streptococcal bacterium).

Neglected, this can kill me ,** yet it seems someone at my GP practice, and I have a good idea who (the same pillock who prescribes my pain meds in 12-day quantities), is intent on screwing with my District Nurse-ordered  dressings. The nurse put in a prescription for 20 extra-absorbent, and large, Flivasorb *** pads – 2 boxes – to be delivered to me urgently.

**Is this what the APH consultant was talking about when he laid the “you’re dying” trip on me, but described it badly, as it was way outside his area of expertise (he’s a thoracic surgeon)? In which case, was his prognosis correct – am I actually dying? Buggered if I know!

***NB: The PDF document onscreen is badly scrambled, but will download OK if you use the Open with a different viewer button that should appear in your browser, then save as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

The prescription was reduced, without consultation with the nurses, or me, as regards usage, to 5 sheets. A day’s worth, and they’re now gone. It took most of the week to get them delivered from the supplier, and thence to me, so there isn’t a hope in hell of getting more for the weekend, or even tomorrow. What the fuck am I supposed to do then, you penny-pinching bastard?

I’ll readily concede that these items are expensive –in excess of £10 per sheet for the large ones I need to wrap my legs and it needs at least six to do the job properly, yet there is no viable alternative that would cost significantly less. No viable alternative at all, in fact, given that I am still losing about 2 to 3 litres a day from my legs and this is the only product that will cope with that volume of  exudate which is, effectively, toxic waste. This is why (source: Wounds UK, 2009, Vol 5, No 2). Notes marked ** or in parentheses are mine:-

Wound care provides many challenges but none more so than the management of high levels of exudate.** Chronic wound fluid can be damaging to the wound healing process giving an added problem.

**In my case this is up to 3 litres per day, mostly from my right leg.

Excessive exudate can bring misery to patients’ lives, involving:-

Soiling of clothing and bedding.

Malodour, which is distressing, socially embarrassing and inconvenient.

A contributory factor in malnutrition (that explains a lot!), which leads to

reduced appetite, protein deficiency.

Maceration and excoriation of the surrounding skin, which is painful and demoralising.

Reduced quality of life

Leg elevation which, while lessening exudate, also reduces mobility and increases discomfort

Dressings which absorb exudate may be bulky and heavy.

(Adderley, 2008)

So, given all that, and accepting – once more – the prospect that my life might really be in danger, I’m fully expecting this parsimonious twat to try to get me hospitalised to protect his budget. This would be Clatterbridge Hospital, not APH, as that’s where the Dermatology Dept. is. I do not, however, want to be in any hospital in the foreseeable future – I’ve served my time in hell.

Right now I have no idea which way this is going. All I know for sure is that I’m getting worse very quickly, and a doctor who sits on his hands like this is positively dangerous and, FFS, I’ve had enough of goddamned doctors putting me at risk over the past two years to last me whatever lifetime I might have left!

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