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Do you need Pulmonary Rehabilitation?

Posted Aug 06 2009 10:06pm

When to start?
The fact is that real Rehabilitation starts in the very mind of the patient. If the patient do not take the opportunity to help his/herself, the chances are low that rehabilitation works.

How to realize if it is necessary
First, think about what you used to do and for how long. Many patients just adapt to a lower quality of life due to symptoms. They do not see the difference unless they make a well felt comparison between current and old days. When asked about “how have you been doing?” be sure to consider if it better than 10, 5, or 1 year before.

The long-term comparison
“Has your quality of life improved?” and “What aspects have been impacted?” are key questions to consider when reporting your well being to your doctor. Your symptoms may be fine but you are less active, you don’t go upstairs, or you are “taking it easy”.

What is Rehabilitation for?
Rehabilitation is designed to reintegrate you the potential of belonging to your active role in your life and for society. Our nature is to be active because it is about survival since prehistoric times. Walk to look for food or run to be alive.

What can you do?
So this may apply to COPD. Walk to stay alive and belong to society. When you consider the time you are spending resting and compare with previous years, then you may request some advice in terms of rehabilitation beyond medicines.

Has it proven to help?
Rehabilitation has proven to help you breathe stronger. Some clinical trials has shown the fact that when patients under maintenance therapy also receive rehabilitation, they improve their lung function more than if they don’t take the active sidewalk.

Where to start?
There are many programs around the country that are led by outstanding professionals. Several sessions may help your knowledge so you can eventually implement at home too.

What happens in the Pulmonary Rehab Programs?
There are complete programs of pulmonary rehabilitation. They include breathing exercises, stretching, strength, and aerobic dynamics. During these activities, your body simulates what a normal person typically do or should do. Your oxygen requirements increase and your lungs start to readapt to the requirements (as well as your cardiovascular system). The result is a rehabilitation for a better physical performance.

What else you should do
Think about it again. Think about your activities and how your breathing problems have impacted them. Look for pulmonary rehabilitation tips to help you manage the disease. Later you will thank yourself for taking the decision to stay active (always under medical advice).

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