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Disabled? Please – have the decency to die quietly, and soon.

Posted Dec 08 2010 1:59pm

If you are getting DLA or thinking of applying for it, you really do need to read this article . Now.

It appears that the bunch of mendacious, unprincipled, scumbags masquerading as a government (never forget that these bastards where NOT elected), have decided that supporting their own disabled citizens is now unsustainable.

Odd, then, don’t you think, that fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan is something that they DO consider sustainable?

So, tell me, what are we supposed to do – just slink off and die in some dark corner, and try not to stink up the place too much? Fuckwits.

I’ve said this before, and it’s worth reiterating, as far as the sick and disabled are concerned, the coalition – or, specifically, Cameron, Clegg, IDS and Osborne – are no better than Hitler. And I mean that sincerely – it’s not hyperbole.

The sick and disabled are the untermenschen of the 21st century. They just haven’t got around to exterminating us yet.

Give them time.

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