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Dec 26, 2008 Improving Quality of Life with Pulmonary Rehabilitation & Lyn'sTTO

Posted Dec 29 2008 4:44pm

Before another cold front hits us, inLittletonColorado, I took a 3 mile walk with a new design Caire hi flow tank���I love it. 3 miles in 50 minutes along a greenbelt and through Raccoon Hollar:I follow Dr Petty' s advice:TITRATEWHEN YOU MIGRATE I have a TTO.

"NECKING WITH OXYGEN"' s TTO story,feel free to ask

Then, look toImproving Quality of Life with Pulmonary Rehabilitation

a How to strengthen respiration muscles so you don' t overly fatigue yourself when breathing
a. Pursed-lip breathing
a. How to maintain bronchopulmonary hygiene
a.Coughing techniques to effectively clear you airways
a. Diaphragmatic breathing

a.. How to perform aerobic endurance exercises to reduce breathlessness

Laughter is thought to trigger changes in breathing patterns that may have a therapeutic effect for patients with chronic lung disease ��� .humour therapy reduced hyperinflation in patients who have severe COPD. medicine.html

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