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Dec 18 2010 Merry Music + RUSTY gets TX

Posted Dec 18 2010 3:12pm

Season’s Greetings To All!

This video will be liked by animal lovers I hope all of you will SMILE +
 enjoy listening to and watching.  

if you like Christmas music - the Celtic women sing

Amazing grace - André Rieu  
Andre Rieu - Hava Nagila
I LOVE this season of music - wishing everyone HOPE and Love, and holding on to HEALTH- keep holding on and moving-

Rusty got his lung transplant after almost 5 years of waiting... he is recovering and working hard at pulmonary rehab - rebuilding his strength and not needing oxygen any more, hooray!... his past stories...His dedication to keep moving even with FEV 1 numbers in the low to mid teens... his self reliant attitude and grit paid off - Congratulations Rusty! RUSTY KEEPS WALKING WHILE WAITING FOR TX, and now more than ever Purpose in Life Brings Longevity Want to  live longer? Then you better have a really good idea of what you're living for

 Purpose in Life Brings Longevity Want to  live longer? Then you better have a really good idea of what you're living for

This web site has some excellent information on oxygen saturation when flying. This is another one that is very relevant to COPDers flying -
as it shows that letting one's sats drop below 90% can induce a strange cyclic variation in breathing patterns resulting in sats cycling down
 to 80% very easily.

pamphlet on Food Safety for Older Adults, that has more on food safety and these  

Whey supplements lower blood pressure: Low-cost protein gets big results in people with elevated blood pressure(December 13, 2010) -- Beverages supplemented by whey-based protein can significantly reduce elevated blood pressure, reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease, a new study has found.

Of course, there are similar pamphlets for anyone with a compromised or weak immune system.

My story -on COPD Foundation blog.    
 it is the amount more 'you' do compared to your own level -  strive to do a little bit more and feel better. Results differ with each persons starting point.
Beetroot Juice Could Help People Live More Active Lives— New research into the health benefits of beetroot juice suggests it's not only athletes who can benefit from its performance enhancing properties-- its physiological effects could help the elderly or people with heart or lung-conditions enjoy more active lives  
"Lyn" (Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton , Colorado    Pul rehab & after > 
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