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Dec 11, 2008 Looking back at my COPD roller coaster ride.

Posted Dec 11 2008 9:06pm

Looking back at my COPD roller coaster ride...I hardly remember before that, besides memories of the freedom without supplemental oxygen can be demoralizing, I choose not to think on that, but I do understand it is difficult to set aside what one has lost. The first VERY difficult task on loooooooong tubing was trying to make up a king size bed. The tube became tangled under foot or in the bedding. Never mind it catching on every door knob or corner, or being stood upon which resulted in having the ears pulled down. Ouch! After 6 years I am pretty good at all tasks. You will adapt better if you try to laugh about your leash, - but probably never forget the utter frustration and exasperation.

Now I say, get used to it, make the best of it. The Oxygen flowing through the tube is life saving and pure energy and life. Love it, aLOT, just hate it a little bit. Documentation and tests have proven the more hours in the day you use it- the longer is ones potential life span. If you choose to fight this and use less, allowing blood oxygen sats to drop -you- will sooner be the loser. Don't gamble away your life. For those not yet on oxygen, this may sound fearful. Using Oxygen isn't a thing to fear , but to embrace if you find you need it.

My life was "saved" by supplemental oxygen and pulmonary rehab that helped me back to wonderful fitness with a vastly improved good quality of life.-not that I think anyone else need or want to walk half marathons like I do now, but you may want to do more than you are now doing and believe me, the supplemental O2, though annoying at times, more than makes up for it.

And so I ramble on...Do everything you can to manage your disease in a positive manner and attitude. Attitude can help you through many trying times. Wishing you are able to make good choices and the grit and perseverance to stick with

My exercise today was rather boring, up and down, up and down my home two flights of stairs. 14 stair steps per floor with a landing each 7 steps, thus sort of going around and around while going up. Once again I started on 10 liters of oxygen but had to boost it the last ten minutes out of the total 30 minutes up to 15 liters. This helps keep my pulse rate below 150 and the sats at 98% up AND down. Pedometer read 1,814 steps, but actual stair steps up & down was more like 1680, if I substract the steps on the landings and at top floor and bottom floor. Who cares-it is strengthening my leg muscles, giving me good deep breathing from the exertion, and sometimes I sang or hummed along with the music - more good exercise.

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