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Dec 05, 2008 Avoiding Drug Interactions with food,drink,dietary supplements & other drugs.

Posted Dec 05 2008 12:29pm

Avoiding Drug Interactionswith food,drink,dietary supplements& other drugs.

A brighter day today, the snow has stopped and sun is behind a thin layer of clouds. Again it is afternoon, but this time I am dressed and intent upon doing the exercise I skipped yesterday. Somehow I couldn't get up off the couch, as I was too interested in reading the BREATHING MAGAZINE I just received. It included some good advice on Home fill portable oxygen systems [are they right for you-questions to ask your provider], coping with the cold, tips for coping with holiday stress, plus [the always confusing to me] Medicare rules and changes in them, and patient stories too. Check out there website, click around and read some stories-updates+news .

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, The Journal of the American Medical Associationsigns, diagnosis, testing & treatmenton the JAMA PATIENTPAGE:

Avoiding Drug InteractionsDrugs with Food and Beverages, with Dietary Supplements, Drugs, and with Other Drugs. Some iteresting reactions to stuff youwouldn't think of >>>

Go a Little Nuts atHolidayParties This YearWhether you���re a health nut or just a nut lover, know your filberts from your macadamias, your walnuts from your almonds -- healthwise, that is? Just in time for all those nut bowls and party platters, here are the specific benefits of each

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