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David Cameron adds food to the list of subjects he knows nothing about…

Posted Feb 08 2013 11:42am

About horsemeat in food, David Cameron says on Twitter that “this is completely unacceptable – this isn’t about food safety but about proper food labeling & confidence in retailers.”

No, you witless bugger, it’s sod all to do with labelling and everything to do with food safety, and if you knew anything at all about food you’d know that. Trouble is the closest you come to horsemeat is being a horse’s arse on a regular basis.

The fact is, on the retail level, reputably-sourced horse meat costs more than basic beef. It follows, then, that the horse meat in burgers, lasagne, etc, is highly unlikely to be from a reputable source, but from the nearest knackers’ yard, or imported, without provenance, from the other side of the world, as to do otherwise would trash the profit margins, which is the other side of this nefarious trade – maximising profits by any means available.

Then there is a drug called Phenylbutazone, routinely used to treat horses for an assortment of ailments and which is toxic to humans, but – and this is the problem with it – while it’s not present in horses raised for the table, it’s very likely to be found in the sort of knackered old screws that find their way into the illicit horsemeat trade, along with any other drugs, toxins, or pathogens, that might be present.

This is why, you ill-informed apology for a human being, it is entirely about food safety until and unless it can be proven beyond all doubt that the horsemeat in question came from animals raised for the table.

I strongly advise not holding your breath while you wait for that to happen.

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