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Could I be having some kind of reactionary asthma, and if so, how do I make it go away?

Posted by jessye06

I'm 45 years old, female.

In 1996, I had these same symptoms.  They did an xray where they found a small mass resting agains one of my bronchial trees.  Upon removal of it, the symptoms alleviated.

I'm allergic to PCN, and Cephalsporins.

I recently moved back to Austin, TX, after spending 2 years in Amarillo, Texas.  The building I was working in up there was being renovated and they had an abatement going to to remove the asbestos.  My coughing initially started up there within the last year.

I have no fever.

I'm tired of coughin so much or so violently that I'm urinating when doing it, to the point where I've had to invest in extra pads. 



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