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Chronicles of the Heart, Part 42 – The dangers of Nebivolol – addendum…

Posted Aug 10 2012 4:29pm

I said yesterday that Nebivolol greatly impaired expectoration in COPD – it does far worse than that. I’ve found out why I feel so appallingly ill, and why my O2 saturation is running at around 90%.

Nebivolol doesn’t just impair expectoration – because it does that it also hides a burgeoning respiratory infection which, given how bad it’s got, I’d normally have spotted a week ago, maybe even two. So now, on top of everything else, I’m having to take 1g of Amoxyl 3 times a day – 4 if I don’t get a quick response.

So if you have COPD (perhaps cystic fibrosis too – though I’m not sure if it’s appropriate in that case), you should inhale 5ml of cooled, boiled, water using your nebuliser, to soften your sputum, 3 times a day. Assuming you have a nebuliser; if not, it’s the old fashioned way, with your head over a bowl of hot water, covered by a towel, and inhaling the steam.

Or, if you can, avoid the damn drug like the plague – it’s my view that this drug should never be prescribed to people with respiratory illness, no matter what the allgeged justification, or that you might be assured it’s safe – it’s bloody not! And that’s true of all beta-blockers.

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