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can copd or emphysema come on all at once...are there instances of 'acute' symptoms that mimic these chronic diseases?

Posted by moonwind

even tho two weeks ago i was hiking mountains at 11 thousand feet in yosemite, when i returned from vacation i had developed a bad chest cold which my son who is 6, also had....

after an x-ray, my doctor informed me i have copd, emphysema or some such thing,,,,,

i used to get bronchitis....once in a while an allergic reaction would lead to asphma like symptoms...but copd ????

also i had a ct scan less than six years ago that showed no such condition,, altho it did show a lesion on my right lower lung which was thought to be a scar from a bad case of pneumonia years earlier

help me?

a differential diagnosis for sudden onset emphysema-like symptoms.

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