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can a person be allergic to the oxygen cannulas

Posted by coastwatcher

I am  new to oxygen therapy.  Having problems.  The first concentrator they brought was permeated with cigarette took me a while to figure that nose burned very bad when using it.

The brought me a new concentrator yesterday,  it is better,  but still my nose burns more the longer I leave the nasal cannula in.  It is a soft,  curved one,  that seems to push my outer edges of my nose out.

ANY help will be so helpful,  as I will call the distrubitor tomorrow morning early!

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Have you tried using something like a saline gel to keep your nose moist? I use Ayr gel. It stops my nose having the burning feeling you're talking about. 

Also ask for non latex cannulas as maybe you have a latex allergy?


Susannah H 


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