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Cameron wants 7 more years…

Posted Jan 06 2013 7:05pm

2013-2015 Welfare cuts deepen and UC goes into meltdown; DLA for over 65s scrubbed. Pension credit abolished. Identity cards introduced and must be carried at all times. Ironic blue cards for disability benefit claimants. IDS finally sectioned. Cuts own throat, but cocks it up. No change there. Cuts to Met reversed.

2016  PIP abandoned as so few people manage to qualify. Insurrection by the army, in protest against the cuts is put down by the Met, who are now armed full time, and have their own armoured division.

2017  Dismayed by the adverse publicity surrounding the legions of now homeless sick and disabled people, there’s – finally – a public outcry. Cameron announces that all state disability benefits will end. All current and future claimants will be compulsorily housed in defunct hospitals, clothed, fed and medicated at state expense, saving billions, and housing the homeless ones.

2018  The scheme is pronounced too expensive, and inmates are moved to vacant military camps. Lowest-cost medication contract given to Serco. Camp cemeteries expand.

2019 Cameron declares himself supreme ruler. Parliament emptied at gunpoint by the Met. MPs staging a protest are summarily shot. Daily Mail and BBC are the official state mouthpieces. The Queen acknowledges her cousin as leader, and abdicates.

2020 Civil war – Scotland invades. Trident subs nuke Edinburgh and Glasgow in retaliation.

Misreading the situation, America nukes Russia. Full scale nuclear war results – Mutually Assured Destruction reigns supreme.

The End.

(Cameron stages coup in Hell.)

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