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August 22, 2008 COPD rollercoaster ride of anger and depression exacerbated by

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:05pm

The COPD Rollercoaster ride of anger and depression can be exacerbated by on-line support groups.


on line groups are for the most part - beneficial/helpful,

BUT, Be prepared to be misunderstood.

Knowing the rules and guidelines and following them will help you avoid problems.

Some rules are not enforced at all until YOU do it, or there is laxity and inconsistency of enforcement. If you become friends with certain members, be sure to save their e-mail address.

You never know when they might disappear, whether from their own disgust, illness, or a manager's decisions. Three out of four support groups monitor and reject some posts.

There is one exceptional group that never will remove you, monitor what you write, nor prevent your post from getting to the list. That is COPD-ALERT , but even there, if someone misunderstands you, or you don't follow the guidelines, you might get picked apart. At least there, departure is YOUR choice.

Every list requests Religion and Politics NOT BE DISCUSSED & to stay ON COPD TOPIC.

This is only polite, as the memberships draw from all over the world, and one country's POLITICS is not of interest to another country.

RELIGION���over the world there are many different beliefs.

Most of these suggest one respect others who may have a different belief or faith system, by not pushing yours. You may believe yours is the way to go���keep that thought as you wouldn't want to hear others explain theirs to you.

No one group has been singled out. All have had this happen at one time or other. Also remember, some posters DO NOT give the entire story behind some of their complaints, which if certain facts were known, it could totally change your perspective of what they may have been "sharing".

Believe one-tenth of what you read and only half of what you see. Some support groups are listed in the blog roll list on the left side of page. Scroll down, or just Google COPD support groups. One way to help with anger, grieving lost abilities, and frustration is to get moving -anyway you can. Focus on moving more and more until you feel better. My workout today was backpacking my highflow tank (with water and phone, tape, oximeter, it weighs 15 lbs) in the mid-day sun for approximately 4.5 miles. About 80-85 minutes. I did take a break to look at some senior residence- independent living cottages. The rent is $3,300 to $4300.00 per MONTH. It does include gas heat electric-water and 2 cleanings per month, but no meals....ouch! They did have a nice lake front view.

COPD and Mental Health: Tips on Maintaining a High Quality of Life

Mental Health Suffers in COPD Patients

COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Treatment for Depression: Getting Help

Asking for help may seem like the hardest task in the world, especially if you feel exhausted and hopeless. Yet that���s just what you need to do if you have symptoms of depression or mania. Even if your symptoms are more vague or you don���t know exactly what the problem is, you may still benefit from a doctor���s opinion and evaluation. If you feel lost or stuck, or are concerned about a feeling, thought, behavior, or situation, seek help .

NHLBI Publications for Patients and Public

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