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August 20 2012 Coming back to life, takes work- keep trying to REHAB

Posted Aug 20 2012 6:32pm

when you are ready to try to be more fit, I have some previous helpful links

 -  some may be old and not work,some may need to be cut an pasted, there is something for everyone.

Sometimes you must first>

 Retrain Your Brain T0 Love Exercise!

You lose if you skip over reading this one.COPD patients need to work harder at moving than healthy folks, but the effort taken, does give back great rewards... proportional to what you put into it.

  The benefits of exercise aren't measured just by a scale, but by a better working body.focus on how exercise changes your body from the inside out.Success isn't about any one workout, ---challenge yourself for the long-haul

*Starting an exercise program: by Mary Burns RN

*Essentials of Pulmonary rehab: by Dr Thomas Petty, Mary Burns, RN and Dr. Brian Tiep.

Strength Training Exercises for Senior Citizens 

Dance Your Way to Fitness"Are you bored with the treadmill or elliptical trainer or uncomfortable in a weight training room?

Fluid Replacement and Exercise


Beginning exercise for the frail person with COPD
Some persons with severe COPD are so severely debilitated and weakened they are confined to bed, or so weakened they have great difficulty getting into a chair. Ideally such patients should have initial professional help ...

Tartell says, "No matter what your age or physical condition you can benefit
from exercising in bed at any hour, whether it's morning, afternoon and even
when you awake in the middle of the night, exercising in bed

> No excuses - exercising in bed increases mobility and is much easier than doing it on the floor. These stretches will help energise the body in the morning and relax and calm at night.If you have any medical condition affecting joints or mobility, discuss with your doctor first.





More on stretching:

Exercise tips with pictures:

Exercise Basics center:

SWISS BALL exercises:

A Beginner's Fit /Swiss Ball Core Training Circuit - A guide to strengthening the core & body with just aFit/Swiss Balland amedicine ball... you can do this at the gym, while on vacation, or even at home!

Squats...once reconditioned, adapt to ability with

Twenty minute workout:



Getting Started: The victory is not always to the swift,but to those who keep moving.


Breathing problems and exercise:

Moves for perfect posture,Stop Slouching! Easy Exercises for Good Posture: An excellent site on TOTAL HEALTH...                        give this site a close check .,,7q7csd8z,00.html?ice=iv|wb|getins


Lower Your Blood Pressure With Exercise

Online Gentle Fitness chair exercises, gentle yoga

Chair Workout--this has some more difficult stuff>

SIT and Dance >

Here you go, 8 minutes dance fitness fun from the pauleugenefitness show Enjoy! Have fun! Laugh! v=1rfuNK1_ipk&feature=fvw  


(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO
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