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August 11, 2008 With COPD,Rest and Recovery after major exertion is a must

Posted Aug 11 2008 9:06pm

Long-term programs needed to change activity patterns of COPD patients By David Holmes Chest 2008; 134: Only rehabilitation programs of at least 6 months' duration increase the time spent walking in daily life in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)��� "This is relevant information Since walking is considered to be the most common and important type of physical activity among older adults. I made my own long term program and walk a LOT, for 5 years and a half years now, continuing onward forever I hope... . Resting, pretty much just sitting at the computer today, knowing I MUST do some moving to prevent serious lock up and stiffening of my has begun and so will prod me to do some mild moving to keep limber and flexible.

Photo after race, shows me sitting - rather tired, next to our car parked on a little back street in the old quaint mining town, Idaho Springs, Colorado. I am changing over to a smaller LOX portable called a Spirit 300 for the rest of the day. Mike uses the larger model Spirit. Note, he is bending over, that position is sooooo difficult with COPD, squats and going up stairs or hills are super challenging too. I have to work back up slowly to achieving 30 minutes of exercise per day - not only to rest and allow muscles to recover from the major long use of them, but also to mentally take a break from pushing my self extra does take serious mental AND physical effort to keep going.


Asthma, Outdoor Air Quality And The Olympic GamesScienceDaily (Aug. 10, 2008)��� poor quality of air can also affect all athletes, especially those with asthma. Physical activity and regular exercise can improve the control of asthma and is recommended to patients

Organic Food Has No More Nutritional Value Than Food Grown With Pesticides, Study Shows ScienceDaily (Aug. 9, 2008) ��� New research in the latest issue of the Society of Chemical Industry���s (SCI) Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture shows there is no evidence to support the argument that organic food is better than food grown with the use of pesticides and chemicals.


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