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April 12, 2009 Patients take the power and shape your day

Posted Apr 12 2009 11:06pm

Good morning/evening, what ever your clock says��� may it be a cheery and pleasant day for you. Give someone an I' m ' just thinking of you' surprise call, and it will feel good to make someone else happy. Today for many is probably focused on food if you have a family gathering or go to one. I will bet the easter eggs aren' t as big as this photo. Here inColorado, it is gloomy and grey, we have nothing planned. That is often when a person can get blue or let down, so fight it, read for fun or education, have a few dances with broom or chair, be silly, sing a song, or put on some old records if you still have them. I still have my old collection of those small 45 rpm records from teen years in the 1950' s, and I love dancing, it is good for mind-mood+body even in short bits.

You' re Never Too Old or Too Frail to Exercise"Getting started is probably the toughest hurdle to overcome. Too often older, frail people have the wrong impression that they are past the point where exercise can do any good. In fact, the more widely held notion is that exercise will make them worse. This is clearly not the case as long as the exercise program is designed to be safe, easy at first and to progress at a reasonable pace. Keep your exercise sessions short���7 to 10 minutes when first starting out���and your routines simple to build your confidence that you can do it. This site has excellent suggestions to help you.

Dance Your Way to Fitness"Are you bored with the treadmill or elliptical trainer or uncomfortable in a weight training room? Try achieving your weight loss goals or spicing up your current fitness routine through dance. Dance is a great way to lose weight, increase energy and improve your overall fitness ��� all while having fun. Waning motivation and inconsistency are common roadblocks to reaching your fitness goals��� remain enthusiastic and stay on track is to find something you truly enjoy doing on a regular basis."

Fluid Replacement and Exercise

Lower Your Blood Pressure With Exercise

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