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Another role for better air: an extra cause for oxygen in COPD

Posted Aug 30 2010 4:16am

It is clearly understood the relevance of oxygen for addressing body needs in an subject. Every cell in the body requires oxygen to generate the energy for sustain functions.

Low Oxygen in blood: Hypoxia

In COPD patients, some changes occur in blood levels of oxygen. It has been described how the low oxygen levels might be responsible for most of systemic manifestations of disease. If the disease has some other body consequences, these can be associated to lack of good amounts of oxygen in the related cells.
In July 2010 Dr. Ramsey Sabit (Ramsey S et al. CHEST 2010;138(1):47-51) reported findings of a research looking for effects of low oxygen on some blood clot formation substances in COPD patients.

Results of a new clinical trial

The Ramsey’s investigation was based on the fact of certain conditions that predispose individuals to develop blood clots (venous thromboembolism or VTE) lead patients to arouse this effect during trips of prolong flight duration. Cabins can have low pressures at high altitudes generating decreased oxygen concentrations in blood. This can also get worse the COPD patient oxygen levels.
After inducing low levels of oxygen in a set of COPD patients (on ground), the researchers found how coagulation can be activated and also associated with increases in some markers of inflammation.

Again: make plans for travel but talk to your doctor

Then, this is a reason to inform your doctor if you plan to travel by air soon and especially if your trip is a long one. The oxygen level in blood may be assessed by your doctor in advance and some measures can be implemented.

Travel good and tell your doctor before doing so.

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