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Posted Jul 01 2011 4:46am


Nick Jones, President   751-1313                            Stephen Rule, Vice President   205-7874

July 2011

 AIRHEADS SUPPORT GROUP MEETINGS – July 12 th & 26 th   Members of the Villages Airheads meet in the Mulberry Grove Recreation Center’s Old Glory Room, 8445 SE 165 th Mulberry Lane, on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, at 10:00 am.   Mark your calendar.   Please come to our meetings and bring your spouse or a friend!   BREATHING & EXERCISE CLASSES – July 1 st & 15 th   These classes are held on the 1 st & 3 rd Friday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the same location as above.   Come to exercise and learn how to relax and breathe efficiently.There is no class on the 29 th.   That is the 5 th Friday. JULY GUEST SPEAKERS July 12 th  –Round Table DiscussionJuly 26 th  – Bryan Lifsey – Seniors VS Crime 


 If any Airhead owns an Inogen One, Model G2, kindly contact Nick Jones at 751-1313. REST IN PEACE This is most difficult news to have to report.   Sadly, it is the passing of Airheads Walter McDaniel and Roy Webb on April 6 th and Judy Lenhard on April 21 st.   We offer to Sylvia, Edith, Marty, and their respective families our sincerest condolences.WEB SITES AND TELEPHONE NUMBERS International Society for Stem Cell Research – - Tel. 1-847-509-1944Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation – - Tel. 1-888-733-6741COPD Foundation – - Tel. 1-866-316-2673American Thoracic Society –  THE HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 2011 – OBSERVATIONS BY STEVE RULE During the last weeks of May 2011, I had the enlightening opportunity to be present at two high school awards ceremonies.   As one who graduated from high (prep) school some 57 years ago, I must report an excitement about the quality of our graduates in this 21 st Century atmosphere! The first event was at Leesburg’s Venetian Gardens, a municipal community venue on Friday, 20 May.   It was in honor of Leesburg High School’s AFJROTC (Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps).   Well over 100 students at that school were acknowledged for their dedication to the program, and for their academic excellence. As a staunch contributor to the scholarship program sponsored by the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA), it was a personal pleasure to participate in this special event.   The MOAA supports five JROTC programs in Lake and Sumter Counties; a $500 scholarship is awarded to a top cadet in each school’s program. The second event was at The Villages’ own Laurel Manor Regional Recreation Center on Tuesday, 24 May.   This event celebrated The Villages Charter High School’s graduating seniors who garnered some $135,000 and more in well-deserved scholarships.    Included in those awards was our own Villages Airheads $1,000 scholarship, this year awarded to Matthew David Warner, an outstanding youngster aiming to become a Chiropractor, hopefully concentrating on easing the aches and pains of future Villagers. Both these events opened my eyes to the dedication of this generation who might well be our grandchildren - or, indeed, even great-grandchildren.   The kids at Leesburg were supremely sharp, fully respectful of the military’s treasured protocols.   They were dressed with complete understanding of the mysteries of military uniforms.   Perhaps somewhat awed by the presence of very senior officers, many in full-dress uniforms, these kids shone, particularly in their deference to their superiors. The kids at The Villages don’t have a military atmosphere to acknowledge, but they know full well that their parents and, by an unusual extension, their Village “grandparents” demand nothing but the best from them.   The evening’s program seemed almost unending, but the kids were so completely appreciative of the financial assistance offered by unknown people, that everyone felt energized to follow through next year! Through both events, I was so impressed with the enthusiasm and education of this young generation.   Aside from being extraordinarily attractive, each kid was personable, excited and looking forward to a life of intrigue!   I am so excited to report that the world is undoubtedly in good hands, if the Class of 2011 is any true indication! 

Stephen W. Rule - Lt Col, U. S. Army Reserve (Retired) - Vice President, The Villages Airheads



 Little “Junebug” Garcia took a tumble and broke an arm.   She has been in Lady Lake Specialty Care for a week.   John Adams fell and broke his hip and shoulder.   He is at Freedom Point Rehab.   We wish you both speedy recoveries. Now everyone please read the following: AVOIDING FALLS All of you Airheads that have attended the Breathing & Exercise Classes have moaned about Jan’s balance exercises.   Their importance cannot be over stressed.   Over 250,000 older Americans a year suffer a hip fracture.   Within a year, one in five dies.   Half of the survivors never fully recover and require long-term nursing care.   Remember that 75% of the accidental deaths of Americans over the age of 65 stem from falls. Sense of balance is like a muscle and must be exercised on a regular basis or it will weaken.   Once perfected, the simple exercise below can even be done while standing in line at the grocery store.   Just remember Rule #1 – No Falling Allowed! Stand on one leg and move the other in space, with knee slightly bent.   Initially, hold on to something sturdy to build up the leg muscles.   Do it several times a day and soon your confidence will build and you will be able to let go of your support device.   Always have it within grasp, however.   Remember what you just read in paragraph #1. At first, you will probably manage only a few seconds but with practice, a few minutes will soon not be out of the question.   Is it worth the effort?   It would seem that if it might keep you on the right side of the grass and prevent your having to require long-term nursing care, it most certainly is.   Give it a try. GROANER An old guy (not in the best of shape) was working out in the gym when he spotted anattractive young lady walking on a treadmill on the far side of the room. He asked the trainer who was standing nearby, "What machine should I use to impress that sweet thing over there?" The trainer looked him up and down and said, "I would try the ATM in thelobby.” 



Airhead Helen Kroesser is turning 99 years young on July 27 th.   Won’t it be fun to help her celebrate next year?   Happy Birthday, Helen! 


 Welcome New Members - Susanne Bair, Rosemary Vives, Harry D’Agostino, and Pam Hutton.  POSITIVE THINKING The best and quickest way to improve your life is simple: just think more positively.   You’ve probably heard this many times before and you are probably thinking, “That’s a GREAT idea, but in the real world it is much easier said than done.”   It’s true.   Like a lot of things in life, becoming a positive person is an idea that is simple but not necessarily easy.   The goal of this brief article is to encourage you to make positive thinking an automatic and permanent part of your life. Your thought patterns have a huge influence over every aspect of your life.   Your thoughts determine your personality, the quality of your relationships, your financial success, your, physical health, and much more. You probably have and idea of the power of your thoughts, but if you are like most people, you still grossly underestimate the powerful physiological effects your thoughts can have.   For example, by simply thinking of biting into a juicy yellow lemon can make your mouth water.   That’s just a small example of how a thought can create a chemical change in the body. The fact is that your thoughts greatly influence much more important things than saliva production.   Science has shown that positive thoughts increase your white blood cell count, which helps you fight infection and disease.   In a study recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers at the University of Wisconsin proved that people who practice positive thinking are better equipped to fight disease. In the study, a team of neuroscientists used electroencephalography to measure brain activity and then gave all of the participants their flu shots.   What they found is that positive thinking individuals had a significantly stronger immune system response than those who exhibited more negative thought patterns.   The bottom line: Positive thinking can make you not only happier, but healthier, as well.  Don’t Forget To Fly Your Flag On ‘The Fourth’  Enjoyment is not a goal. It is a feeling that accompanies an importantOn going activity.
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