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8-28-11 Weights +Resistance work+ walking keep COPD at bay

Posted Aug 29 2011 12:27am

For eight years I kept moving a little more almost every day, and rebuilt my strength and endurance…right up to doing something I never did before, I joined running events and walked with them from the starting point of a 1K up to walking half marathons…13.1 miles, certainly not everyone’s goal, but it sure did keep my Lung “numbers” level and I did not lose ground, didn’t progress in the disease or have a loss of lung power, with the exception of an amount everyone loses with age.  Then I fell, just after walking  a half marathon last May and suffered an impact injury called Goosefoot bursitis. Goosefoot bursitis slowed me down, I had to ‘rest’ my leg the doctor said, and at my age of 73, he said it would take more time for healing, not to rush training, to give it time to repair.   I followed directions, and substituted aerobic exercise with longer durations of lifting small weights – upper body and legs, and doing resistance exercises 3 times a week, and slow stuff - house and garden work on alternate days.   It improved my muscle strength, and helped keep me from gaining weight, but without that aerobic moving, I gradually became more depressed.   I can positively say - walking does help keep depression away. And I am looking forward to walking at a better pace again soon.   Music keeps me moving faster.  Don't worry - be Happy

Exercise can substitute effectively as second 'medication' for people with depression, study suggests(August 24, 2011) -- Exercise can be as effective as a second medication for as many as half of depressed patients whose condition have not been cured by a single antidepressant medication.  


Finally after 3 months of not power walking I have restarted, I walked at slow speeds of 1-2 mph on the treadmill while testing out POC’s, it worked well, kept my mind busy and was an easy way to get walking for longer periods again.   Today I actually walked 2 miles in 55 minutes, a combination of different speeds up to 3 mph for a short spell, and on down to 1 mph.   I feel good and the leg bursitis… hope it doesn’t get irritated, but on shorter tests it was fine, so I’m hoping the leg is recovered.


I just found this interesting thing about ones sternum/breast bone- I have a mildly depressed one…it   can be restricting my breathing, great! I have Obstructive And restrictive lung problems too since I also have very mild scoliosis.

Research News  Deeper Pectus Excavatum Equals Decreased Lung Capacity,Patients with more severe deformities from pectus excavatum had a much higher likelihood of decreased pulmonary function with a restrictive pulmonary pattern, according to results from a national study of 327 patients   

Which Exercises Are Safe for Someone With Severe Osteoporosis?  

Scented Laundry Products Emit Hazardous Chemicals Through Dryer VentsScienceDaily (Aug. 24, 2011)— The same University of Washington researcher who used chemical sleuthing to deduce what's in fragranced consumer products now has turned her attention to the scented air wafting from household laundry vents.

"Lyn"   (Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO
Pulmonary rehab and AFTER INDEX>

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