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8-19-11 COPD Losing aerobic fitness, maintaining muscle power.

Posted Aug 19 2011 7:30pm


Losing aerobic fitness, maintaining muscle power.   Since diagnosed with bursitis In my right leg below the knee, I was told “AGE” (that dirty word) would probably slow my healing, thus I should really give my legs a rest.   I decided to increase my weights and resistance workouts from 15 or so minutes a few times a week to 30- 50 minutes every other day, wow it paid off, and now soon if it ever cools down, I can go walking again.   

   I used my newly improved   arm muscles to tackle tree trimming up a 15 foot ladder, tied the ladder to the tree (trimmed about 6 trees of   around 5” large diameter branches- by 15 to 20 feet  long. Just call me a tree hugger. 


It took several days, and now my husband is sawing up the branches.



Using oxygen is no excuse not to keep active in the yard when only borderline moderate COPD- and age 73 + 79.  It is possible, but I will allow everyone thinks I am a bit crazy.    You do have to build endurance and good muscle strength, balance and take a careful safe approach to this challenging sort of job,   I used a light weight hand saw and a bow saw up on the ladder, a sawzall on ground.    

 When indoors I tested Portable oxygen concentrators – I did walk slowly on the tread mill to record how well they would hold my oxygen saturation whether using cannulas, Oxyview glasses or my TTO.  


This slow walking is getting me ready to go at a faster pace.   In May I could walk a 4 mph pace, and I hope I can work up to that again.   It will probably take months.   Walking was like a anti depression pill to me… I miss it.  

The computer occupies a lot of my time, learning – reading and writing.   Here is some off what I read to help myself so better coping with COPD.


 Eating protein throughout the day preserves muscle and physical function (August 11, 2011)--   

ATS Statement Guidelines for the Six-Minute Walk Test

Social Acceptance and Rejection: The Sweet and the Bitter It's important to know how to cope with rejection. First of all,"We should assume that everyone is going to experience rejection on a semi-regular basis throughout their life," DeWall says. It's impossible to go through your entire life with everyone being nice to you all the time. When you are rejected or excluded, he says, the best way to deal with it is to seek out other sources of friendship or acceptance

The Right Foods for Managing Depression...There are links between food and mood. Making healthy food choices can help lessen the symptoms of depression. 

Learn Sarver Heart Center's Continuous Chest Compression CPR ... 

Updated Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of COPD

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is an umbrella term   EverGo specs>  " The only control we have over our duration of life is to shorten it.We exercise that control all the time." 

The Institute For Altitude Medicine

Surprising Condition Occurs in Lungs After an Invasion of Mold, Study Shows

tips for travel with oxygen  < Know your Portable oxygen concentrator measurements. They come small to very large. You might want the small one under the seat too, it gets hot if against you. This link is for airplane underseat spaces – where they want a dog carrier to fit- well, a POC is an oxygen users pet that  wants to keep close too.  

(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO
Pulmonary rehab and AFTER  
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