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7-30-11 COPD & Lungs -Live- learn-Play via videos & Science Daily+

Posted Jul 31 2011 4:12am

Listen while you learn …Free top 100 Oldies music to enjoy while learning >


First maybe Play a game of Eye hand coordination… watch the windsock …Try not to spend all day at this..... It's a little addictive:


The ladder I was using to trim trees, yes with hand saw- and on oxygen atg 73.  That is what the lifting weights has done for me. Whew! it was hot out. 


  Now some time for some learning> What is COPD

Diffusion - The Physiology of Oxygen Delivery -In order to survive humans have to be able to extract oxygen from the atmosphere


  While I did the trees my 79 yr husband dug post holes and is setting new posts-others were rotted at bottom.  We keep moving and try hard to stay fit, it has paid off.  Post hole digging is very difficult. He plated and bolted a new post to the old one.  Weather hot, also lots of rain, that brought mosquitos, ouch I am bitten and itchy.


Cancer-causing mineral found in U.S. road gravel: Erionite in roads may increase risk of mesothelioma Erionite shares similar physical similarities with asbestos and when airborne, its fibers can lodge in people's lungs.


Our Tomato & green bean patch.

Artificial lung mimics real organ's design and efficiency: Small device works with air, pure oxygen not needed

A new artificial lung has reached efficiencies akin to the genuine organ... a major step toward creating an easily... 

Fitness calculators>


Oxygen update: Policy simplifies billing, audits complicate documentation –I'm still confused>

cucumbers-castor bean plant + pumpkins on recycled cannulas & tubing- holds up tomatoes too. >



Respiratory Muscle Training- - - Respiratory muscle weakness is a powerful predictor for survival in COPD patients, thus


Downloadable Video Clips Learn from the best about oxygen products >   


< Tomatoes thrive on the sundeck.  They drink several gallons of water every day.

Caire Intro(3.8 Mb)

Spirit 300(7.8 Mb)





Become an Expert in


Fingertip Pulse Oximetry


Steroids and Nutrition - Effects of Steroids on Nutrients and How to Compensate


Air-Trapping,by Stephen Gaudet RRT.


Oxyview glasses, video - how they work>


Travel Q&A: Traveling with portable oxygen on flights>


The Secret To Successful Aging - simple use your brain to focus on the positive. 


It's a memory game... Match the dogs   Christmas in the summer time.


 The WORLD Clock. An incredibly educational, fascinating and fun site to send. 

(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO

 Little phony fountain, but I love it and it sounds soothing & cooling. Keep moving and stay cool too. I have more yard work to do- 4 trees done- dead winter kill branches removed and some others up 15-20 ft.  If you want to do it, barring other physical limitations, it is possible- that is with mild/moderate copd. 

 Pulmonary rehab and AFTER

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