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4 superior O2-Go2-TTO2

Posted Jun 05 2011 11:36pm 1 Comment

Hate the 'nose hose'?  Ditch it, get rid of the face, ear, and nasal irritation.  "Getting 'pierced' is IN these days... and it is so absolutely wonderful with many many plus features. Seriously, with the variety of neck fasteners you can look great, feel great, have easier breathing and it has been proven to be superior oxygenation.  The cost is covered by Medicare, and also with other insurance since this is NOT a cosmetic surgery.

My surgery was performed on August 29, 2006...the Fast Tract method of TTO, which means transtrachael oxygen.   With this system, oxygen is delivered via a tube in the trache/neck, instead of the cannula in nose.   

 Dr. Tom Petty told me since I no longer was using the nasal cannula ...that I was "necking" with oxygen. Why did I want this?To relieve my ears, nose and face from great discomfort, but most importantly I wanted to have this especially efficient delivery of oxygen direct to my lungs...which significantly reduces ones O2 flow needs up to 50% in some patients, but not guaranteed.It worked for me! The TTO system has decreased my oxygen requirements so fabulously that I can continue using the small light weight portable "Spirit:" and "Easy Mate, or the LOX GO2... that deliver up to 4-5 L pulse dose of O2.  It maintains my blood oxygen saturation level at 93-95%... even at the nice walking pace of circa 2.5 mph. Before at that speed I needed to carry a Larger heavier high flow tank, because my needs via a cannula were over 6L for that exertion.  The TTO will not work with the small Helios because that portable has dual lumin tubes.

The first week after the Fast Tract method of surgery, I sort of dragged about  ...  I felt tired, lack of energy after an over night in the hospital. I had no pain!   just an annoying cough...which is normal for this at first, and fixed with a cough suppressant!  Some feel like its a sore throat for a bit. 
It was so difficult to comprehend that there is minimal to no pain after this operation, it doesn't hurt...why? I was told, there aren't any nerve endings where the tract is formed for the O2 catheter (tube).

So, while your body has to recover and heal, you * are slowed down *, but not in any great pain. The discomfort for each individual would be different. . Some describe the sensation as a sore throat.   The healing time varies widely from patient to patient.   It generally takes longer with older age. I was 68 back then.   There was the tiniest sensation of soreness at one spot of the very opening edges, but only if I pressed on it with tissue.   I watched myself in the mirror...clean this area and run the cleaning rod into the tube- catheter   ...* absolutely no sensation * except for the 2 cc of saline...which is cooler so I felt the temperature difference...and feeling this is a good thing... as it goes know it is moving down...means the tube is clear...then you cough it out . That is wonderful, it helps you cough out gunk.  Yes, this requires some care, cleaning and changing...which becomes as routine as brushing your teeth. It is  well worth the effort  Necking with oxygen, I love it!

Pros with nasal cannula-Minimal care-Disposable,- Inexpensive- Able to take off without shirt removalPros/ TTO- Easier breathing   - Higher sats with O2 closer to bronchial tubes = More energy-Potential30-50% reduction in O2 needs-Trachea acts like conserver reservoir - Physically & emotionally feel better overall - Nothing on face to distract from appearance- Public frequently doesn't notice oxygen use-Tubing mostly out of sight.  Fewer pity looks - Easy maintenance, no on & off like cannula.- High success rate, fractionally low failure.- ALL love it!- Doesn't fall off when in bed at night- Not in the way when swinging a golf club -No more sinusitis - No more gasping when speaking - Requires less flow of O2 - More sanitary               -Fewer exacerbations  

Cons/ nasal cannula

-Always in the way for nose blowing, or make-up application, or face washing.- Public awareness - emotional impact -Sore ears and nose & Facial irritation - Causes more nasal dripping-Line indentations on face - Sometimes visible while looking down or eating - Always getting caught, in the way when cooking - Pulls off at night.- allergic to some brands of tubing - ALL hate it.    


-Some VERY rare side effects - all easily treatable. - Healing time is individual, about 3- 8 weeks until it heals up snug to the tube - First couple of weeks coughing is manageable with cough drops - Minimal drainage with IPF patients - Truly on 02 24/7 increasing life span.- If prone to heavy mucus ,  one may require more maintenance, possibly a daily change AM & PM.  With dry emphysema I change mine out after 7-10 days.

- If prone to heavy mucus, it may require continuous flow O2 in rare cases - May require "vee" neck undershirt for comfort   *****Transtracheal Oxygen Therapy: The Best-Kept Secret in Medicine? by    

 FAQ’s page 


SCOOP Guides Workbooks & Charts 

Read all about TTO at   read the testimonials.  If you want additional information, you can even speak directly with a respiratory therapist, John Goodman,   the Technical Services Department at, 303-790-4766,ext # 202   or toll free in the US 1-800-527-2667

You can write to me  I have no financial connection with this company, I just want everyone to benefit from this BEST way to use O2.
 and I will answer questions from the patient's perspective, 

or join our TTO support group to ask questions of those already using Transtracheal oxygen and loving it .
  keep moving any way you can, I did and my exercise truly improved after getting the TTO.  

"Lyn"(Roxlyn G. Cole) Littleton, CO  
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4 superior O2-Go2-TTO2

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