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Galway, Ireland
I am a mum to 3 children, 2 with special needs My 3 year old has severe autism and my 9 year old has aspergers
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The Fabulous Mr Luca Part 16 oh god luca, luca

My self and KY have connected on a whole new level, were even closer than we ever where. She looks to me a lot more for guidance and support as...

The Fabulous Mr Luca part 6 , the bubble bursts

What could possibly go wrong, life was really going great. A new law came in just as Luca was referred to the Brothers of Charity; unfortunately...

The fabulous Mr Luca part 5 (the road to diagnosis)

My self and DH were just beside ourselves as it finally hit home, oh my god, this is real now, no guessing, wondering, it’s really it. The time we...

The fabulous Mr Luca part 4 sleepy baby

.Were home, all my friends and family around me, I’m in tatters, i hate hospitals, Luca born Friday 28th of July and 9.30 am, I am home Sunday the...

The fabulous Mr Luca part 3 (what ever will be will be)

To hell with the worrying, I was pregnant and proud of it. I refused to spend the rest of my pregnancy crying, wondering what if, blaming myself,...
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