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  I am Contenance. I talk with my dance, I dance a joyful message to YOU all, "There is HOPE"! This is the LIFE, this is the TIME where you will experience JOY and FREEDOM! The parade is here, come and join the celebration for freedom, hope, and joy! Begin your dance, stomp your feet, raise your head to the sky and soar freely!!!!!!!!
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Support the 'Cause" of Freedom. Role Models, Historical Figures, Women of importance, Fighting for our freedom.

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Searching for answers. Freedom from Mucsle Spasms.

I have severe mucsle spasms. Chronic pain in my neck sholders,chest,and head. Inflamation of these areas almost always. Any helpful info towards...


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Feb 05 2011 by Contenance

Feb. 2011.   I wish that others would join my team, and pertisipate in writing motivational feedback for eachother and others that are looking for support, so that it would be 'our team', and that it would be 'our wisdom', and it would be a stronger support when we are together we are stronger.

Jul 04 2009 by Contenance
Dance and remember you are free.
Dec 16 2008 by Contenance

Shixianli I love that about you. You dream a dream to live by. One that you are soaring the sky a dream that only you hold the key to, a freedom only you can comprehend, and what you know as you fly is a lot more powerful than what you know as your feet are upon the ground. Beautiful song bird keep soaring the skys and be all the sweet songs that you sing in your heart.


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