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I am the team leader for "Freedom, life without an eatting disorder".  After my own experience in suffering from an eatting disorder I have been able to control this mental illness and to understand freedom and what it truly means to me. I am sharing my hope and love to those that have eatting disorders or are in recovery, their friends and family, etc. However ALL are free to come and join my team to be a support to one another. Feel free to make comments... Full Bio
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How do I get a 2year old off a bottle? He wont take sippys!!!

  My 2 year old wont give up on his bottle. He wakes up at night SEVERAL TIMES AT NIGHT crying until i pop a bottle in his mouth, and then crys...

Freedom, Life without an eatting disorder. Imagine, Visualize, and Meditate.

What would it be like for you if suddenly you were free from an eatting disorder, what would you experience, what would you do, what would you feel?

Freedom, Life WITH an Eatting Disorder.

             Please feel free to join in and comment on the freedoms that we enjoy even while trying to overcome an eatting disorder. Come be a...
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Jul 27 2010 by Contenance
There is a secret place you can run away to and a safe refuge to go. There is someone whos love is stronger and truer than anyone. His name is Jesus Christ, and because of him there is a way. With open arms to you
Jul 27 2010 by Contenance

#1 The Value of your life. Nothing is greater than the value of ones life. Hold onto your life.  There is a song /7 In a perfect world one we've never known, we would never need to face the world alone. We can have the world or create our own. I may not be brave or strong or smart, but somewhere in my secret heart I Know love will find a way. And only if they could feel it too the happiness I feel with you, they'd know love will find a way, I know love will find a way. /7