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As the snow falls on the m ... by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine As the snow falls on the mountains of southwestern New Mexico, I’m writing a few new seasonal blogposts for the Solstice and evergreen herbs for the Cold Moons. Now that ... Read on »
Natural Insomnia Remedies by JovankaCiares You can’t sleep and this is awful! Lack of sleep can be disrupting at best and deadly at it’s worst. All creatures on earth sleep, if you don’t sleep, you can get very ill ... Read on »
Supporting your digestion as you age by OlwenAnderson Health Maven Supporting your digestion as you age Have you ever wondered why it’s harder to stay well-nourished as you age? It’s this paradox: You need more nutrients as you age, but w ... Read on »
Festive season wellness by Kathleen So. We’re over a week into December. Which means: here we are in the thick of festive celebration season. Hooplah! Such a fun time. Also a time of indulgence and excess ... Read on »
Moxibustion for Injury Healing by JovankaCiares I had abdominal surgery a few weeks ago to remove benign (but pesky) tumors in my uterus (also known as fibroids). I’ve been using a few alternative treatments to help me ... Read on »
Caesarean or Natural birth: Which is better? by Peter C. Complimentary & Alternative Medicine Some pregnant ladies are forced to opt for Caesarean section (surgery) because of some unavoidable circumstances which make natural birth difficult if not impossible. Some ... Read on »
Getting back on track with your health by OlwenAnderson Health Maven You’ve been working hard on your health, studiously focused on what you eat, rigorously complying with your fitness training regime, and walking the tightrope of work/life b ... Read on »
TWHC Advance Tickets Discount by Kiva R. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine New Conference Website, Kiva’s new Moss & Mezcal Botanica, an Updated Bookstore and Discounted Advance Tickets On Sale For The 2015 Plant Healer Event! –Di ... Read on »
Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products by Gina Nick Doctor of Philosophy Here is an informative post about a report released by the Women’s Voices for the Environment called “ Chem Fatale ” that examined the toxicity of various feminine h ... Read on »
How to store salad greens and herbs so they stay fresh by OlwenAnderson Health Maven One of the problems with buying fresh salad greens and herbs is their tendency to just wilt and go slimy within days, even when you put them in the crisper. It's even hard ... Read on »