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Youth and Teenage Impotence

Posted May 07 2010 11:23pm

Most men fear impotence. Most teenaged boys think such a condition will never happen to them – but it can, and it does happen more often than you might think. Just as there are hundreds of causes of impotence in adult men, there are just as many causes of youth and teenage impotence. However, many of those potential causes are unlikely in young males.

youth and teenage impotence

Physical Causes of Youth and Teenage Impotence

Just as adult men can experience impotence due to a health problem, such as diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, or prostate problems, young men – boys and teenagers – can also experience impotence due to the same problems. Fortunately, it isn’t as likely in younger males as it is in older males, even with the existence of a health issue.

Just as certain medications and drugs can cause impotence in adult men, the same drugs and medications – including alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs – can cause impotence in youth and teenage boys. Should this happen, or if a health issue is suspected, medical treatment should be sought.

Unfortunately, many health issues will go by unnoticed for a long period of time if impotence is the only initial symptom simply because most boys are not going to discuss the problem with their parents. In boys under the age of twelve, impotence isn’t an issue, as they don’t yet realize that they are experiencing impotence at that young age. It is most commonly older boys who will notice that they are experiencing impotence – those who have already had erections.

The Most Common Causes of Youth and Teenage Impotence

Just as unfortunate as impotence problems not being discussed is the fact that most impotence in younger males isn’t due to a health problem at all, but instead is due to the use of illegal drugs, including steroids. In some cases, hormonal imbalances can occur without the use of drugs and cause impotence, but in the case of impotence in young men, it is more likely that it is caused by the use of drugs.

Fortunately, once the youth or teenage boy stops using the drugs, the impotence is resolved on its own. If we educated boys to these possibilities more thoroughly, we might see fewer young men using or abusing these illegal drugs, but then again, most young people never think that anything bad can happen to them personally – despite what they may do.

This doesn’t mean that all young males who experience impotence are doing drugs by any means. As stated, hormonal imbalances, certain medications, and certain health problems can also contribute to impotence, and we must not forget that just as mental issues can cause impotence in adult males, these issues can also affect younger males and cause impotence as well, and most young people these days are under considerable stress.

What to Do About Youth and Teenage Impotence

The first step to combating youth and teenage impotence is to make sure that younger males are educated about the causes of impotence, what it is, and what to do about it. Hopefully, the affected teenager has someone that they are able to talk with openly and honestly, and they will go to that adult with their problem, so that the cause can be found and treatment can be obtained.

Unfortunately, this person will seldom be a parent, no matter how great that relationship is, or how open and honest it is. Teenage boys may, however, trust an older sibling, a coach, or even an extended family member. It is important that if the boy comes to an adult with the problem of impotence that the adult not start making accusations or judgments, but instead that they view it as a potential health problem, and treat it as such. The adult must understand that by passing judgment or throwing accusations, they not only can make the impotence problem worse, but they may also lose the trust of the youth as well.

While youth and teenage impotence is not common at all, it really is possible, and it really does happen. It should be treated in much the same way that adult impotence is treated – by finding the cause and treating the cause. Nobody is too young for a health problem, including life threatening life problems, and nobody is too young for mental issues. If the teenager found the problem serious enough to approach an adult about it, the adult should be serious enough to make sure that the young man is treated for the problem.

Reassurance will be especially important to the youth in question as well, and it is vital that if you are an adult who has been approached by a youth with this particular problem that you work to educate the boy concerning impotence so that he sees that it is most likely a temporary problem with a cause, and that there isn’t something horribly wrong with him mentally or physically. He most likely doesn’t need sex therapy. Instead, he needs medical testing done to find the problem.

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