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Your Questions About Herbal Medicine For Anxiety

Posted Apr 05 2011 2:21pm

Maria asks…

Does anyone know of any herbal/over the counter medicine for anxiety (with depression)? I know there is St. John’s Wort but because of my birth control I can’t take that. I’ve also read of “Stressezz and True Calm.” Do those things actually work? I’d rather stay away from prescription medicine since I don’t have health care coverage right now. Thanks.

Paul asks…

which increases serotonin naturally
My symptoms for anxiety are Diziness
abdominal cramps

all of these start when I go to a social situation

Chinese herbal medicine can provide excellent relief from anxiety and depression (although I have personally had more success treating anxiety than chronic depression).   In Chinese medicine we differentiate between different patterns (kind of like sub-categories) for any one disease or condition, such as anxiety. The prescription for one pattern might contain quite different herbs than the prescription for another pattern of the same condition. Additionally, basic herbal formulas are frequently modified to suit an individual patient. This can be due to underlying constitutional health issues, or because of an acute condition (such as having the flu) that would change the final composition of ingredients.

Because of the complexity, there’s no way to say that herbal remedy “X” is the right one for you, without a proper consultation. But I’d encourage you to visit a licensed practitioner trained in Chinese herbal medicine. In most states this would be a Licensed Acupuncturist (with additional training in herbology) or an Oriental Medicine Doctor. Different states use different licensing designations for people with similar training. On the other hand, some states don’t have any laws in effect governing herbal medicine. There’s also a national board certification from NCCAOM for Chinese herbal medicine (which certification is included in their “Oriental Medicine” certification). The exam to get this certification is rather tough. Many more fail the herbal exams than the acupuncture exams. So it’s a good indication that that someone with this certification is pretty well trained. Before you make an appointment with a practitioner, also inquire if your condition is something they treat regularly, and successfully.

Chinese herbal formulas are fairly complex



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