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Your Holiday Self-Care List

Posted Nov 24 2008 8:09am 1 Comment
By Dr. Christine Gonzalez (PharmD, CHC)

I recently stumbled upon an interesting article recommending that we take the time this holiday season to construct a Holiday Self-Care list. 'How brilliant' I thought, as I am even guilty of forgetting to do take care of myself sometimes. It is so easy to lose track of ourselves with all the food shopping, holiday gift, and Christmas card lists we construct. We often fall into the pattern of putting ourselves last during this season of giving, when the truth is we would be better served (and be of better service to others) by putting ourselves first. This often seems selfish but is actually quite self-nurturing and will enable us to be the best we can be for ourselves and those around us. It really is a win-win situation for all.

As I contemplated what I would put on my Holiday Self-Care list, things like increasing my yoga practice, cooking more home-cooked meals and desserts to bring to holiday parties, and going to bed at a reasonable hour (we all need our beauty rest) were items that immediately came to mind. This exercise was an excellent reminder that it is up to me to set these priorities for myself. If not, I will quickly fall into automatic pilot mode, which often leaves me feeling drained and exhausted come New Year’s Day. I know it is habitual to say I will start after the holidays are over but what better time to start than now. This is the time when we need to feel our best and will set us up with a continual pattern of good habits to bring in the New Year with.

Bottom line, creating a Holiday Self-Care list is an excellent strategy for stress management and will keep us balanced physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Who wouldn’t want to feel their best at this joyous time of the year? I invite you all to take out your pen and paper and start your list. Just jot down whatever comes to mind-we all know what we should be doing (hint, hint). Maybe add a few more things each day and then make it a priority to look at this list daily and incorporate at least one item into your routine. Feel free to share what you will be including on your Holiday Self-Care List...

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