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Your doona is your best weapon against colds and flu

Posted May 31 2014 10:00am
It’s a miserable feeling when you sense a cold is coming over you. Some people ache all over, others sense overwhelming fatigue, or their throat burns. You might know what to expect if the people around you have been succumbing to the virus too. Does this mean you’ll be feeling below par for weeks, sniffling and coughing and dragging yourself through the day? Maybe not, because if you act fast you can take advantage of the sensational cold and flu remedy that’s waiting for you at home.

Curiously, many people seem averse to using this tool. They seem to feel like they should just soldier on. But what’s waiting for you at home is important equipment that enables your immune system to gather the energy to fight off this intruding virus. It’s your warm, snuggly bed and doona. Rest, and lots of it, is the best way to help your system overcome whatever bug wandered into your respiratory system and started the problem. That’s because fighting an infection uses vast amounts of energy. Your body just doesn’t have the resources to keep going at your usual pace as well as fight off the bugs. So take a deep breath, and resolve to take some time off work. Yes, it’s challenging, but your colleagues will probably be relieved that you’ve chosen to take your germs home.

On the way home, swing by the supermarket to gather some extra tools. Some chicken pieces, carrot, celery, onion and aromatic herbs to create a fresh chicken soup. This is an old folk remedy but I’m not sure why it works, but it can help. Then, before you head to bed for a nap toss the chicken, vegetables, herbs, salt and water into the slow cooker. After a few hours you’ll wake up to the rich aroma of hot chicken soup ready to enjoy.

If you have your own selection of natural remedies for colds, that’s great. But keep in mind that many herbal remedies interact with prescription medications, so if that’s the case check with your health practitioner rather than self-prescribing. 

Another tool you can use, safely, to deter colds and flus over winter is fresh food, like raw salad and freshly squeezed vegetable juice. It’s the valuable vitamin C and bioflavonoid vitamins that they supply which helps power your immunity.
While you’re snuggled up in bed, tissues at the ready and mobile phone off, you can just rest and allow your immune system to get to work without having to cope with the icy weather, or the usual demands of your day-to-day life.

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