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Your Body Already Knows the Cure for Cancer

Posted Nov 25 2009 10:02pm

Run for the Cure… Walk for the Cure… Wear Pink Ribbons for the Cure… and Whatever You Do, Please Keep Donating for the Cure… Another Billion Dollars and a Decade More and We Just Might Find that Elusive CURE…

Well, I have a newsflash for the Mainstream Medical Monopoly and the Cancer Charity Industry. There is already a cure for cancer!

The Disease Racket would like you to believe that cancer is a huge mystery. It is an elusive genetic puzzle that can only be solved in a laboratory. Or it is a chemical dysfunction that can only be treated with a chemical cure. And don’t forget, those laboratories are expensive operate. Drugs are costly to research. So please keep the donations coming!

To be fair, the chain of events that ultimately leads to “cancer” can be incredibly complex. And certainly there are some of us who have a genetic predisposition to the disease. But in the vast majority of cases, cancer is a disease we give to ourselves.

It is fueled primarily by what we put in our mouth, the chemicals we slather on our skin and spray on our food, the pollution we breathe, and the damage to our immune systems that weakens our defenses against all of the above. And it doesn’t happen overnight. In most cases, the development of detectable tumors happens over a period of many years.

Your Body Cures Cancer Every Single Day

The first thing we must understand is that “cancer” is not a tumor. A tumor is simply the name we give to a mass of mutated cells. You should also understand that mutated cells are perfectly natural.

It is estimated that every second of the day, your body produces 50 million new cells. Most of these cells divide at a controlled rate and die when they are supposed to (a process called apoptosis). But with so many new cells being created, there are bound to be errors – cells with damaged DNA. These cells may divide at a faster rate and they do not die when they should.

The average person develops about a million of these “cancer” cells every day. That means that even if you are perfectly healthy, you have thousands of cancer cells in your body right now.

 This process is perfectly natural. Your body has numerous natural defenses to destroy these cells. Most of the time your body keeps these cells in control. They are eliminated before they can do harm. In other words, your body “cures” cancer every single day.

The disease we call “cancer” is simply a process where this natural equilibrium is disrupted. This happens when the number of mutated cells grows faster than your body’s ability to destroy them. Eventually, these mutated cells form a mass that we call a tumor.

Since the vast majority of cancers are caused by our lifestyle and environment (some experts estimate that this accounts for more than 90 percent of cases) the solution is to avoid the things that cause cells to mutate and bolster our immune system to destroy the ones that do. The cure and prevention of cancer is achieved by tipping the equilibrium back in your body’s favor.

So, how do we do that?

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The first thing we must do is stop poisoning ourselves with toxins and carcinogens. Whenever possible, you should also avoid exposure to radiation (including mammograms). That also means using the speakerphone if you must talk on the cell phone.

And be conscious of what you consume. It is no wonder we produce cancer cells faster than our ability to destroy them when we consume a steady diet of pesticides, herbicides, artificial flavors, preservatives and fake fats (hydrogenated oils). And if that is not enough, most of the cosmetics, fragrances and personal care products we use are full of chemicals, including many known carcinogens.

So cut the crap! Eat a diet of whole foods, raised naturally and grown organically. Be sure to consume a variety of herbs and colorful plant foods, rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Take your supplements. And stop putting chemicals on your skin. There are hundreds of high quality, all-natural cosmetics and personal care products that work even better than their chemical counterparts.

This is two-part solution to cancer is about as simple as it gets. Stop doing the things that are known to cause cancer. And start doing the things that are known to prevent it. Cancer is not a mystery. It does not develop for some unknown reason. The solution is to understand why and how it develops, and support your body so that it never gets out of control.

And be sure to tune in on Friday. In that issue of Total Health Breakthroughs, I will show you three factors inside your body that will either fuel cancer like gas on a fire… or put it out like a match dipped in a bucket of cold water.

And these three factors are completely within your control, so stay tuned!

To Your Health

Jon Herring
Editorial Director
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