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YOU CA ...

Posted Dec 02 2011 1:58pm

Your mind is the only source of your stress and unhappiness.

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Dealing with Stress
In this day and age, dealing with everyday situations that may cause stress is a critical skill each and everyone of us must have in order to live a happy, fulfilled, and peaceful life.

And while stress management experts will tell you the ways to deal with stress is to breathe, exercise, meditate and so on, they are but temporary distraction techniques to get you in a more peaceful frame of mind.

People who truly deal with stress effectively and on a more permanent level have the ability to focus the  thoughts in their minds and choose a happier, more peaceful perspective.

While you may not be able to control the people and circumstances around you, you can take control over yourself, particularly the thoughts, emotions and beliefs in your own mind. In any given situation, you can accept it for what it is, choose how you feel about it so that even if the situation hasn't changed, you are over it in your own mind.

As the coauthor, editor and cover design, I write under the pen name Lilia Nani Ho'alakahi.  The book is based on mine and my friend, Michael Robert Lawrence's recovery from traumatic experience.  Our goals for the book was for it to be an effective guide offering methods that were simple to understand and easy to incorporate.

Some of  Michael's comments On Happiness and the Mind:
  • Lasting happiness is achieved through the conscious control of your attention. Embrace this and you will always know happiness. 
  • You are not at the mercy of your mind. Because you don’t believe this, thought and emotion manage you.
  • If you realized that you have given away control inside your mind, you would drop everything you are doing to reclaim your mind. 
  • You miss your precious life experience by following thoughts like a lost puppy. You must realize you are being led to become free. 
  • Strangers see you more clearly than your friends, because your friends cannot see beyond their own belief of who you are.
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