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Yeast Infections Can Cause Bumps or Lumps On the Vagina

Posted Sep 24 2010 6:16pm
You look down there one day and there IT is. A bump or many bumps on your vagina. Some sort of new growth out of a horror movie. You have no idea how it got there, your sure you didn't sleep with tooooo many partners. You panick you think you have an  STD.  

Fear not dear ones. This could just be a sign of a yeast infection. You can develop lumps and bumps that may look like herpes from a yeast infection, at first glance.

I will go over signs of a yeast infection versus a herpes infection.

Signs that it is Herpes
  • Often more than one bump, usually in clumps together
  • Open and sore lesions
  • They come and go
  • Usually get worse over time, and spread
  • Usually cauliflower shaped and small
  • Itches and burns
  • Not usually any discharges, (white pus)
Signs it is yeast
  • Whole vaginal area itches as well as the bump
  • Seems to have pus inside
  • Injestion of sugar makes it itchier
  • Vaginal area burns
  • May have rashes along with bumps
  • Not eating sugar makes itching stop
  • White coating on tongue
  • Usually only goes away once yeast is cleared up
  • Stays there and may not get worse or better, herpes usually gets worse
  • White discharge in the vagina
What you can do is put grapeseed extract on the bumps and monitor the condition over time. Yeast is a fungus and grapeseed extract is antifungal. Then you do an internal yeast cleanse. If your doctor doesn't know what it is, and it isn't an STD, than it may be a yeast infection.

Hope this helps,

Lindsay Tietz, Homeopathic Doctor
Owner  Intention to Heal
Proudly Serving the Danforth Area Directly

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